Commerce APIShops
Branding gives you the power to personalize the appearance and user experience of key elements in your shop, including emails and the checkout page.
Domains allow you to associate a custom domain with your shop, lending a professional and personalized touch to your online presence. As a commitment to security, we automatically provide SSL certificates for all added domains, ensuring encrypted and secure connections for your customers. For SSL certificates, Lana partners with
The Invoices API provides detailed information regarding your shop's subscription payments. This includes payment status, dates, amounts, and the subscription plan details. It's an essential tool for tracking and managing your shop's financial obligations related to its subscription.
The Notifications API can be employed to help diagnose issues with message deliverability or other problems. In test mode, both email and SMS notifications can be viewed. In live mode, the API can also be utilized to verify the status of a message and attempt to resend it.
Payment Methods
While processing payments for the shop, we securely store your payment credentials as a Payment Method. All sensitive payment information is securely handled by
The Plan API offers visibility into your shop's plan limits and quotas through the plan query. As we anticipate the capability to adjust plan limits and quotas on a per-shop basis in the future, effectively customizing plans, it's crucial to use this API to govern user interfaces rather than relying on generic plan information tables.
Sales Channels
TODO Endpoints Endpoint Description salesChannels Get sales channels salesChannelsCreate Create sales channels
To fully utilize the platform, you'll need to establish a shop. Once logged in, you can either create a new shop using the
Our system represents all long-running processes through the Tasks API. Functions such as file processing or CSV imports/exports are monitored with tasks. A user interface can intermittently fetch a specific task to verify its status and progress. Tasks have the ability to report error messages and may provide a link to the resultant file.
This API provides information about usage-based services employed by a shop over a selected time period, such as additional orders, returns, or SMS. It's a valuable resource for monitoring and managing your shop's utilization of various services.
Webhooks allow you to respond to specific shop events using external services. By configuring webhooks, you can automate workflows, enhance your store's functionality, and integrate third-party applications effectively.
TODO Endpoints Endpoint Description workflows Get workflow endpoints workflowsCreate Create workflow endpoints